How to Attract an Aries Woman

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    • 1). Learn the personality of the Aries woman you wish to attract. She may or may not follow all of the typical traits of an Aries. Look for stubbornness of will, determination, passion, striking individuality and a desire to argue.

    • 2). If you are Aries yourself, act as you normally would, showing the same nature as her own--fiery, tempestuous and intense. These traits lead to strong sexual chemistry and act on the magnetism already there.

    • 3). If you are a Taurus, show how your strong, reliable nature can support the Aries tendency to run headlong from one relationship to another. Use your sign as a complement to hers. Emphasize how you fit together as a puzzle piece rather than a hammer and anvil.

    • 4). If you are a Gemini, show how your thoughtful, talkative nature finds a good connection with the individualistic tendencies of an Aries. An Aries often likes the introspective and analytic gaze of a Gemini, while a Gemini often likes the high-energy lifestyle of an Aries. Show the Aries woman your intelligence and analytical side, which she may find attractive and lacking in herself.

    • 5). If you are a Cancer, look for strong sexual chemistry between yourself and the Aries woman. Your signs predict a difficult long-term relationship but a very powerful love affair. Show your own passionate side in order to attract the Aries.

    • 6). If you are a Leo, plan high-energy dates with a very social aspect. Both you and Aries like intense affairs and have a thrilling social life. Show the Aries woman that you can keep up with and even rival her in your enthusiasm for people and fun.

    • 7). If you are a Virgo, show the Aries woman that your calm and composed demeanor hides a passionate interior. The Aries woman often find Virgos intensely interesting and mysterious people. Plan dates in which you can have long, deep conversations.

    • 8). If you are a Libra, plan a date that is fun and social, such as going to a festival, a fair or a dance. Show your lighthearted nature, which the Aries woman often finds attractive because it allows her to feel less intimidation or fear that you may become attached to her too quickly.

    • 9). If you are a Scorpio, look beyond the chattiness of an Aries to the fuller person hiding behind the social gadfly. Aries see Scorpios as mysterious, deep people with a lot of internal power, which they find very attractive. Be confident that acting as yourself attracts the Aries. Do not plan complicated dates but ones that have a simple romance that shows her the magic in the world.

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      If you are a Sagittarius, plan exciting and adventurous dates, as both you and the Aries are known for your tempestuous dares. Show the Aries that you can goad her to have more fun than she thought possible. Make a date spontaneously, in the middle of the night, to something no one else would have thought of, such as an all-night roller disco or climbing a rooftop for a picnic.

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      If you are a Capricorn, plan a date with an Aries that shows your intellectual and composed side, such as a trip to an art gallery or theater show. Show the Aries woman your sophistication and maturity, which complements well the Aries tendency to overexcited bouts of childishness.

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      If you are an Aquarius, expect that a sexual attraction between yourself and the Aries woman won't appear at first. Plan dates that bring out the sexual chemistry between you. Go to dances or anywhere else that gets the blood pumping, such as martial arts classes, rock climbing or rowing. Take your time getting to know the Aries woman so she can see all of you as well.

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      If you are Pisces, show the Aries how your dreamy nature can complement the fiery spirit she possesses, especially if she wishes to have a calmer companion in life. Show her your strengths and how they supplement her own.

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