Amarilla Golf on the South Coast of Tenerife

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The resort of Amarilla Golf is located literally next door to Golf Del Sur but is much older than the latter. Like Golf Del Sur, it is built around a golf course, in this case with 18 holes. To reach the area, you must travel through the Las Chafiras industrial estate and then a couple of miles of featureless barren desert landscape.

Amarilla Golf is known locally as Pothole City due to the state of the road surfaces on the resort, although some improvements have been made to parts of it recently. It covers a fairly large area, yet there are only about three holiday complexes. The area is also popular with residents due to the attractive property prices here. Like its neighbour Golf Del Sur, it can be a windy old place at times. Amarilla has no beach to speak of and outside of golf and whatever entertainment may be provided on site at the holiday complexes, there really is very little to do here (by very little I actually mean nothing I can think of).

Amarilla Golf has no centre, the few bars and shops are situated within the holiday complexes themselves, so if you want to go somewhere more lively, you are realistically looking at a fair old journey to Las Americas or Los Cristianos. I believe there is no local bus service to or from Amarilla Golf and as taxis are not cheap, you would really need to hire a car to make the most of a holiday in this resort.

Moving along the coast is the resort of Costa Del Silencio and this area was one of the very first parts of southern Tenerife to be developed for tourism. Consequently the buildings look rather drab and dated these days, especially when compared with the bright new resorts in other areas.

Costa Del Silencio does not have a beach and does not offer much in the way of holiday activities, either on land or at sea. Silencio does have a fair few British visitors but is much more popular with Germans and particularly Belgians.

The centre of the resort, such as it is, is along the main road, from the Las Galletas junction as far as Coral Mar square. Along this stretch you will find bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and a couple of nightclubs.

Costa Del Silencio can be windy. On the bright side, it is just a stone's throw from the pleasant neighbouring town of Las Galletas. But for you youngsters who want real nightlife, you'll have to take a taxi to Las Americas, around 10 miles or 15 minutes away.
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