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ViaTalk Service Plans

Viatalk has four service plans. The vt_unlimited plan has a yearly rate while the three others have monthly rates. A one-time activation fee of $29.95 and a shipping fee of $9.95 for the adapter apply for all service plans, except for the BYOD plan, for which there is no activation and shipping fee. All the plans cover calls to the US and Canada. International rates vary.

Note that the monthly prices vary according to the billing cycles.

You will get the price monthly price if you commit yourself for two years. If you do so for, say, only one month, the price is higher.
  • vt_500
    Covers first 500 minutes at $9.95 a month (if commited for a period of two years). Calls over 500 minnutes are billed at $3.50 per minutes.
  • vt-unlimited
    Unlimited calls for $199 a year. This is the most popular service plan of ViaTalk.
  • vtb_1500
    This is the limited version for businesses. Covers first 1500 calls at $29.95 a month. Calls over 500 minutes are billed at $3.50 per minute.
  • vtb_unlimited
    This is the business version of the unlimited plan. The cheapest (requires two years' commitment) is at $35.95.


Viatalk has entered among the best providers and has been able to engulf most of SunRocket's ex-subscribers. The strong points are the price, good call and quality and specially the number of features. Among all the providers I have seen, ViaTalk offers the greatest number of features to subscribers.

The sound quality is excellent, according to most users.

The setting up is quite simple and straightforward.

One complaint is common among certain users - they get some minor technical problems during the first days of the service, but once this is fixed, they become happy subscribers. Viatalk is one of those providers that spend to get closer to the public, specially for marketing. What I like most in this aspect is the dedicated chat conversations you can have with one of their assistants. You can find this on their sites. Having said this, I need to mention that for most subscribers, after sales tech support is less than good.

ViaTalk supports phone number portability and e911, along with tons of other features, which make it one of the best providers around.

The costs include a one-time activation fee for the hardware ($29.95) and a shipping charge ($9.95) on all service plans. These costs don't apply in case you are bringing your own device (BYOD). There is a monthly charge of $1.25 for E-911, and $1.25 for Regulatory Recovery Fee.

Speaking of hardware, they ship an ATA (phone adapter), which is a Linksys PAP2-T adapter. If you are having your own device, it can be any phone adapter that is SIP-enabled. This is an advantage since you can use any adapter you have, or choose one that is within your financial means. The adapter they send is free of charge, on condition that it is returned after termination of the contract.

They offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account after the 14 days, you can still recoup 50% of the unused remaining months.

At the time I am writing this review, ViaTalk are offering a second phone line for free and no initial equipment fee for the vt_unlimited plan.

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