Properties Owned by Emaar: The Epitome of Exclusivity and Modern Elegance

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Opulent luxury, contemporary designs, world class features encompassing modern amenities such as clubhouse, swimming pools, health club, tennis court and various entertainment areas like bowling alley and dedicated play area for children surrounded by lush green are classic features of properties owned by Emaar. A well designed home in a contemporary metropolitan surrounding is the key blissful living in today's jet age. Emaar Delhi Commonwealth Games Athlete village is the benchmark of all modern integrated living concepts among the vast array of luxurious residential complexes that Emaar has designed and built throughout the country. Few other exemplary properties owned by Emaar in Delhi and neighbouring Gurgaon are the swanky gated community of Palm Gardens, open lush greens of Imperial gardens and ultra luxurious apartments of Palm Hills amongst other.

The developing Indian economy is an investor goldmine and it caught the fancy of this global player. With an assured GDP growth of 7 % in the next 20 years and the real estate sector contributing more than 6.5% of the total GDP, Emaar has hit a jackpot. However, due to strict norms and regulations of the country's policy, Emaar has to have a domestic partner to capitalize on this bursting goldmine. Thus, Emaar MGF was birthed in 2005 with the coming together of Dubai based Emaar Properties and domestic player MGF Development Limited. Since then, no major Indian cities have remained untouched by Emaar's charm. Whether it is the capital city of Delhi or neighbouring Gurgaon or tier II cities like Lucknow, Emaar has redefined the quality of modern day living with its unique architecture, designs and world class features.

Established in Dubai in 1997, Emaar Properties is a government own real estate firm. With strong influential backing, the real estate developer started unfolding its grand plans for Dubai. In the late nineties, Dubai saw a real estate boom that led to the rise of numerous monumental structures and Emaar was the name behind a few of them including the towering and awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa, the pride of Dubai. Emaar successfully capitalized the relatively volatile Dubai real estate and made a name for itself as one of the foremost builder in the entire Persian Gulf. Starting as a real estate developer, Emaar now manages various aspects of real estate development such a land acquisition, property investment and management. Steadily its operation spread to more than 16 markets including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Americas, England and South Asian economies such as India and Pakistan. With more than 50 active companies under its umbrella, Emaar today is recognised as the largest construction and real estate developer in the Middle East.

The harbinger of luxury and innovative integrated community living, properties owned by Emaar are the epitome of modern day wonder. From the architectural magnificence of commonwealth games village or the contemporary apartments of Palm gardens swathed in comforts and elegance, Emaar Delhi has set the highest standard of exclusivity and modern elegance.
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