Celebrity Surrogacy: A Boom To Medical Tourism In India

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Celebrity surrogacy has attracted much media attention in the recent days. Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan and his wife Gauri Khan welcomed a new baby into their lives via surrogacy. The list is big Aamir Khan, Sohail Khan . The news was not much in discussion when Aamir and Sohail got babies through Surrogacy. But, in case of Shahrukh the situation is different the baby born to surrogate was premature and weighing only 1.5 kgs. Now, the baby named Abhram is under the care at the Breach candy hospital in Mumbai.

This adventurous step by King Khan and his wife was largely applauded by the people, and everyone is hoping for the healthy recovery of Abhram. The indirect celebrity promotion is boosting the medical tourism market. At least it makes people think of what it is ? May be it may educate infertile couples to go for it. Medical advancement IVF is the hope to infertile couple. Not everyone in this world is fortunate to have children naturally, may be medical reasons halt someone to become a child. At this point IVF technology stands as a ray hope to the infertile couple all over the world.

Thanks to the celebrities for Surrogacy, it gives us opportunity to discuss some points about the Surrogacy in the world. Generally surrogacy is an arrangement, where infertile couple rent womb of a surrogate mother to invite new addition into their family. This whole process is Surrogacy done through assisted reproductive technology (ART) in IVF clinics. The range of services provided by Indian fertility clinics include Surrogate Mother, Egg donation, IVF procedures.
Coming to surrogacy types in Gestation one of the intended parents are both will have genetic relation with the child. The most famous gestation surrogacy is carried out in almost all parts of the world.

Indian surrogacy is the most alluring destination for Surrogacy is famous for high success rate of IVF and low cost. India opened doors for commercial surrogacy in 2002, now it is considered as hub of world surrogacy. It is estimated that Indian surrogacy market is above 8 billions and many of its valued customers are from western countries. The estimated cost of Surrogacy in US and some other countries is around US $ 100,000 to $ 150,000 whereas in India, cost of surrogacy is around US $25,000 to $35,000.

With the mounting IVF rates in the USA, and other countries, prospective parents are turning towards India and other Asian countries. Indian laws favour intended couple to have a child through a surrogate. Post the delivery of baby's prospective parents are the legitimate parents. India is the only country where surrogacy is wide open to all irrespective of any marital status.

Most of the leading hospitals in India have IVF clinics and its top reproductive specialists are well known widely and most of them are educated abroad to serve the purpose of Surrogacy and fulfil the dreams of infertile couple to have a beautiful family.

India welcomes people from all over the world for safe and low cost of Surrogacy.
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