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The dictionary definition for the word 'inspire' is "to fill with an animating, quickening, or exalting influence; to influence or impel; to guide or control by divine influence.
" It is not typically a word that is associated with Feng Shui, but there is an area in your home that represents those who inspire you and whom you inspire.
It's known as the area of Helpful People, or Benefactors.
This area is represented in Feng Shui by the symbol for Heaven - interesting then that one of the definitions is "to guide or control by divine influence.
" This is an area in Feng Shui that I believe is under-utilized.
It's a very powerful area because I think we need helpful (or inspiring) people in our lives for everything that we do.
To find this area in your own home, look at the front, right area of your home - now if you have something like a garage attached to the right side of your house, then it is highly likely that this area is in your garage! You can work with this area in many ways.
First of all, I think it's always a good idea to have something here that represents people in your life who are particularly helpful.
They could be family members, friends, co-workers, mentors, teachers, authors - even someone from the past who was particularly helpful but is no longer with us.
I also like to put pictures of my animals here - because I see them as being particularly helpful to me in my life.
I feel a strong spiritual connection to them.
So you can put pictures of certain people here, or you can just put something that reminds you of that person - perhaps something they gave you, a book they've written, a piece of artwork that they did - it can be anything, and it doesn't have to mean anything to anybody else, only to you.
If you have any particular religious or spiritual beliefs, you can certainly put something in this area that reflects that.
You can simply put something here that you find inspiring, such as a beautiful picture of nature.
By placing something here that represents a person or people who have been particularly helpful to you in your life, you are doing two things - first, you are acknowledging and appreciating them and second, by deliberately placing the energy of 'helpful people' in this area, you are encouraging more helpful people to come into your life.
This can be a beautiful thing because you'll find the right people start showing up with the right information just when you need them.
If your office happens to be in this part of the house, then you are probably an inspiration to others, working in a very helpful profession, perhaps as a healer or a teacher.
If this room happens to be your study you may be very inspired by others and find that learning is very important to you.
This area can also be used to help you in situations where you may be having difficulty with somebody or where somebody is being anything but helpful.
I have helped clients to work with this area on issues from law suits to cheating business partners to nasty divorce to contractors not showing up and not completing work properly on someone's home.
In every case, the situation ended up being resolved amicably - sometimes after years of struggle.
If you want to use the area to help with a difficult situation, I would simply put something in the Helpful People area related to the situation (documents for example) - I usually like to put these things inside a red envelope or folder to give them energy.
Then I like to use an affirmation that I learned from Louise Hay: "Out of this situation only good will come for the highest good of everyone involved.
I am safe.
" Not only do I write out the affirmation and place it in the folder or envelope, I also repeat it to myself many times throughout the day - particularly if I start to feel stressful.
What does this do? Well, I find that different things usually start to happen - it could be that you feel 'inspired' to take certain action or to see something in a different way.
It could be that someone 'miraculously' shows up to help you in just the way that you need help.
It could be that the other person suddenly has a change of heart or suddenly feels 'inspired' to do the 'right' thing.
Whatever happens, I usually find that the situation resolves in a positive way (for the highest good of everyone involved).
What do you do if your area of Helpful People is in the garage? Well, first of all you'll want to make sure that the area is clean, tidy and organized (and that you can park your car in there) and I don't see anything wrong with placing things in the garage - whether it's artwork or photographs, or your folder of information.
It's perfectly okay to put it in the garage.
In fact, my Helpful People area is in my garage and I have put together a collage with photographs of people who inspire me and hung it on the wall.
I see it every time I enter the garage - I love it.
It reminds me of how blessed I am, of how much support I have in my life.
And I always find that whenever I need something, the right person shows up at the right time to help me.
The more you use this area in this way, not only will you find more helpful and inspiring people coming into your life, but you'll also find that people turn to you for inspiration and support.
It keeps the energy cycle going.
So work with the energy of Helpful People in your home and be inspired!
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