5 "Super Easy" Ways to Double Your Online Earnings - Read Below

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The below will probably be more applicable to those who are already earning online but want to go just that little step further up the ladder...
But having said that even if you are a total newbie, knowledge is king! As I have already stated in previous articles written, Autoresponder emails are paramount to generating as much business as possible.
Please find below 5 "simple to follow" rules in order to maximising your client base / list.
1)After you have made the sale you must follow up with a thank you email.
Make sure that they know you are a human being and you are there to help and assist them.
In the signature of the email include links of interest, websites etc...
They may just click through and purchase again as they are so impressed with your service so far.
2)Offer them the opportunity to "make money" from promoting your product by acting as an affiliate.
Earnings vary, but can be very attractive.
3)If the aforementioned product needs to be shipped then include a brochure of products, whether you include prices is up to you! 4)Everyone loves freebies!! Offer a discount on the next purchase this is always a good one, or send logo products such as pens, diary etc so that they remember you name when they next go to their desk...
Use your imagination! 5)Always keep in touch; this is where the automated email is so important...
This way they will not forget you, and the likelihood is they will come back to you again and again.
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