How to Tolerate Pain on Pitocin

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    • 1). Ask for an epidural or another form of medicated pain relief. A wide variety of pain-relieving medications are available to a laboring woman on Pitocin. Ask your doctor which one is most appropriate for your specific situation. If you receive an epidural, the anesthesiologist will insert a small needle into your back to numb you from the waist down. Most other pain killers are given in IV form.

    • 2). Ask for a portable fetal monitor. Once you are given Pitocin, the hospital staff will strap a fetal monitor to your belly to monitor the baby's heart rate. Most monitors are stationary, so you will have to lay on the bed and you won't be allowed to move. If you request a portable fetal monitor, you will be able to move around your room. Movement during labor can help you handle any discomfort.

    • 3). Walk around your room or sit on a birthing ball and sway your hips back and forth to apply gentle pressure to the pelvis. Both of these motions can relieve the pain of labor, whether you are on Pitocin or not.

    • 4). Ask your coach or midwife to give you a relaxing massage during labor. Most laboring women do not want to be touched during contractions, especially once they get Pitocin because the contractions are stronger. However, between contractions have your coach massage your lower back, legs, ankles and face. This will help relax tense muscles and help the laboring woman focus on breathing through the next contractions.

    • 5). Take a labor class before you deliver. Lamaze, the Bradley method and hypnobirthing are popular labor classes that teach you how to cope with the pain of delivery, even when given Pitocin. Classes center on breathing, focus and attitude, though the exact techniques will vary with the class you select.

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