How to Repair Damaged Fascia With Epoxy

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    • 1). Ascend an extension ladder to access the fascia trim board.

    • 2). Claw out all of the rotting wood using the back of a hammer.

    • 3). Grind down wood softened by rot with a die grinder.

    • 4). Measure the moisture using the moisture meter. Grind down the wood again if the readout is greater than 18.

    • 5). Drill at least three 1/2-inch deep holes into the damaged area of the fascia trim board.

    • 6). Inject the wood preservative into the drilled holes using the syringe.

    • 7). Brush on a two part epoxy primer using a 2-inch latex paintbrush. Apply it only to the damaged area, and wipe up any excess epoxy primer with paper towels. Allow the primer to cure for at least 15 minutes.

    • 8). Mix the epoxy catalyst with the resin on top of a plastic board. Stir them together using a plastic putty knife.

    • 9). Smear the epoxy wood filler into the damaged area of the fascia trim board using the putty knife. Mold the filler to match the shape of the rest of the trim board.

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