Finding Your Partner - The 2 Most Important Dating Tips That Blew My Mind

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When it comes to dating and finding your partner, I was a very slow learner.
It seems like everyone sees finding a girlfriend or boyfriend as the luck of the draw.
But, as I found out, it doesn't have to be that way.
There are some really simple concepts that can make your search for that special someone really much easier.
Don't care: Oddly enough, not caring is a great way to project an attitude of confidence.
You're telling the world that you're good enough that you don't need anyone or anything else to make you happy.
This ends up working to your advantage because it makes other people feel like they don't matter, and when they feel like they don't matter to you, they try to change your mind about it.
They end up doing all the work for you.
They start chasing you right off the bat.
To get them interested in you in the first place is the hardest part, but this can be accomplished simply by making them feel important to you and then making them feel like they might loose that importance.
This is when they start trying to prove themselves to you.
You can make them feel important by complementing them in some why.
"Your eyes make me loose my train of thought.
" Then a minute later, "Do you always stutter when you're talking about the weather?" You just keep repeating this pulling, then pushing thing until you have them.
Have fun: Showing people that you can have fun and be easy going, is one of the best ways to get people interested.
If you are coupling this with not caring, then you have a winning combination! What it tells those around you, is that you are confident, you have fun, you don't struggle in life, which must mean that you don't have to stress about bills and money.
People enjoy people who have fun.
So, you'll have lots of friends, and when you have lots of friends it means that you must be really great! Getting someone who's really great in everyone else's eyes to like you, would mean that you must be really amazing too.
So you are a much bigger fish to catch for them and you make them look a lot better than the guy sitting by himself in the corner not saying anything.
So get out there and focus on having fun! Don't think about giving or getting anyone's number, but do flirt! Take along a gang of friends and enjoy.
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