Create an Outrageously Healthy Environment at Home

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Stop taking the easy option when you're at home and make a commitment to being outrageously healthy all the time.
Eventually it will become so ingrained, being outrageously healthy will become second nature to you.
The key is to fully commit to and take action to support your decision.
So let's set ourselves up for success, by supporting our decision to be the outrageously healthy at home and create an environment in which this decision is supported and feels like an easy option.
The reality is we eat whatever is easy - and often that is what is in front of us or close to hand.
If we go to the fridge to look for a snack and see a packet of chocolate biscuits on the top shelf, they will be calling us to have one.
We won't look any further to find the freshly-cut pineapple we placed there for this very occasion.
So don't rely on your willpower, create the environment where you choose the snack that will help you achieve your goal to be lean healthy and vital.
How do you do that? Clean out the fridge and only have foods you feel will assist you to become, and continue to feel, fabulous.
I can hear some of you saying, "but the rest of my family want the chocolate biscuits"! If they go to the fridge and find freshly-cut fruit and other wholesome snacks that is what they will choose to eat too.
Sometimes we use our family as an excuse to buy certain snacks or foods, when in fact we are the ones who actually eat them once they are in our cupboards or fridge.
I am sure you, like me, want to help your family experience optimum health too so clear out that fridge! Replace the sugar-rich drinks with chilled water.
Add some lemon, lime or mint leaves to for an interesting flavour The same goes for the pantry too.
Clear out the chips and biscuits with their hydrogenated oils, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
Stock up on your preferred healthful options that will make you and your family feel good, as well as support you in your decision to be outrageously healthy.
This way whenever you are hungry, you will find a healthy snack wherever you look.
Make your home environment that of an outrageously healthy person - YOU!
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