Panic Attack: Learn to Prevent It

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Panic attack is a sudden occurrence of fear and anxiety in human mind.
It can happen anytime and anywhere with anybody.
People haven't found any exact reason for this yet.
It could begin without giving any warning.
Normally a attack remains for a short time about a few minutes, and finishes between 1 to 10 minutes.
Such attack is a form of intense depression in life.
Anybody can be attacked by fear.
This happens to people who live in stress and depression.
Genes of them may cause it.
Even panic can attack the children.
Stress, fear, depression brings anxiety in people life.
Anxiety attack's incidences are not same for all.
The symptoms are divided into two types.
One type is physical and the other one is mental.
Physical symptoms are racing of heart, pain in chest, dizziness, tingling of fingers, lump of throat, shortness of breath, hot flashes, cold sweats, trembling tightness of muscles etc.
Mental incidences are like feeling the whole world unreal, losing control of mind, desire to run away, craziness, fear of dying and so on.
To know the causes of panic attack is very necessary.
For reducing the depression one should know the reasons.
But doctors and health experts can not find any actual causes of panic attack.
They have found some common factors only.
Living in high stress is a factor of anxiety attack.
If any people live in fearful environment then he can be attacked by panic disorder.
This can happen due to high blood pressure and hyper tensions.
Such situation may be caused for some health problems.
Such as problems of breath, irregular diets, want of vitamin B, inadequate sleep etc.
The improper function of a part of human brain named Lucas cerelas is also responsible.
Sometimes panic attack is hereditary.
If a family has such attack then any member of the family can have this.
It also happens for taking alcohol.
By knowing what is making these attacks, one can cure Panic attack.
Panic attack's treatment includes some preventive measures.
First way to prevent attack is knowledge.
If anybody knows the exact cause then he can cope with it.
The most important thing for a sufferer is that he must try to live a stress and depression free life.
It is very essential to take regular diet and enough rest.
Avoidance of alcohol is compulsory.
Learning of relaxation methods like meditation, yoga, taking breathing exercise and physical exercise are very helpful.
In some cases panic attack treatment may be given by medicines and psychological therapies.
For this victim would go to a doctor or psychiatric.
This treats are needed by a extreme sufferer.
However, Panic attack is a very common mental problem, so it is not only important but also necessary to learn about it.
Otherwise this can become serious issue.
So get proper knowledge and get help to manage anxiety and panic attack.
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