He"s Cheating! Do I Forgive Him? Can I Forget?

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Forgiving your man for cheating on you can be as easy as saying "I forgive you".
However, true forgiveness takes a lot of work and a lot of time.
The way you now interact with your man will really determine if you are actively taking the necessary steps to truly forgive him, or have you expressed the words but don't really feel them in your heart.
Choosing to forgive your man is a personal choice that you should consider carefully.
Yes, cheating is forgivable.
However, it's a personal call and one that only you can make.
If you decide to forgive him, you have to stop holding it over his head every time there's a disagreement or when you are just having a bad day or feeling insecure.
You will have to let go of the accusations and the entire drama surrounding his cheating if you plan to truly forgive him.
Is he sincerely sorry? Are you fairly confident that you can trust that he will not cheat again? What has he done to make you feel secure in trusting him again? Would you be devastated if he has another affair? Is counseling an option? You need to know the answers to these questions, if you plan on forgiving your man.
Do realize that forgetting that he cheated on you is impossible.
You will always remember and that alone can cause problems in the relationship that you may not be able to overcome.
Visions of him kissing her and making love to her will torture you at the wrong time, like when the two of you are being intimate.
A movie or TV show about cheating will remind you.
A song on the radio about cheating or having an affair, will remind you.
Every time a celebrity cheats and it's talked about, which is daily, you will be reminded.
Only you can decide if the relationship is worth trying to save.
You may have to determine if he is a one-time cheater or a serial cheater.
A serial cheater isn't worth the anguish.
I would advise kicking him to the curb without thought.
But if you feel he is a one-time cheater, and you trust that it will never happen again, you have a decision to make.
You can forgive him, if you choose to do so, but you will never forget, which is why a lot of couples breakup.
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