Windows Internet Explorer 7 Problems

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    Virtual Memory is Full

    • Virtual memory refers to the amount of additional memory created by your computer's processors to supplement the RAM, when it has been overused by multiple programs. When the virtual memory is full, a computer has to shut down certain processes to ensure functionality. Since Internet browsing is not one of your computer's primary functions, it may be slowed or halted if you are using a lot of virtual memory. To prevent this from occurring, try to keep tabbed browsing and multiple media windows to a minimum. Since Internet Explorer consumes more resources than lighter browsers like Google Chrome or Safari, it is important to keep plenty of virtual memory free when using this particular browser.

    Regular Maintenance Required

    • In order for Internet Explorer 7 to work at its best, it will need to have regular maintenance performed. If regular maintenance--such as clearing temporary Internet files, browsing history, and cookies--is not performed, then the browser will have too much to process at one time and will lock up more frequently. Internet Explorer has these maintenance tools automatically built in, and if you are a heavy browser, extra files can pile up fast, especially since cache size is a known issue with the Internet Explorer browser. By performing regular maintenance, you can avoid these common issues and circumvent Internet Explorer's poor cache-handling issues.

    Certain Web Sites Do Not Display

    • If you can browse some websites, but you notice that some do not display all elements or the elements appear misshapen or distorted, you may be missing a vital plug-in or external control. Internet Explorer needs several extra add-ons in order to work properly, and they must be downloaded separately to ensure compatibility with all websites. Common add-ons include Adobe Flash, ActiveX Control, and Adobe Shockwave. Since Internet Explorer does not come preloaded with these add-ons, you will have to download them yourself. Luckily, when Internet Explorer 7 detects content that needs a certain add-on, a helpful link bar will pop up under the address bar, directing you to the correct add-on download.

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