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I know this has probably happened to you.
You see this hot & sexy beautiful single woman that you are just dying to meet for some love and romance (perhaps at a restaurant, bar, nightclub, anywhere and everywhere).
There's just one problem though.
She's with a group of girlfriends talking and laughing.
You would feel rather awkward approaching her in a group of other women and interrupting their conversation with, "Hi, my name is Don and I noticed you from across the way and I would love to meet you.
" There's a better way to do this and it's worked well for me to meet lots of beautiful sexy single women for dating, romance, sex, and relationships.
Follow these steps for meeting single women in a group of other women:
  1. Make sure she is not wearing a wedding ring.
    You don't want to make a fool of yourself by hitting up on married women.
  2. Take out one of your business cards and write this on the back of it: I just love your lovely smile and wonderful laugh.
    I know you are busy with your girlfriends, but I wish you had been alone because I'd love to meet you.
    Please call.
    I'll be disappointed if you don't (then sign your name at the bottom).
  3. As you are leaving, smile and hand her your business card with the message on the back and say, "Hi, this is for you.
    Have a nice day.
Is this method of meeting single women that you are attracted to and want to date guaranteed to work? Not 100% of the time.
But, my friend, what have you got to lose? And look at what you have to gain: Succeeding at meeting all those hot & sexy beautiful single women that you have been dreaming about for love, sex, and romance.
Also, those single women that you approach using this technique will really admire you for your creativity in trying to meet them.
Try this guys.
It worked for me and I met and dated lots of gorgeous single women using this method, especially at restaurants.
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