How Multiple Streams Of Income Can Help You Succeed Online

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Now we have all heard the term 'Don't keep all your eggs in one basket' this is correct in all walks of life, especially in the world of online marketing. There have been various 'bans' 'slaps' and other changes, some of which have caused serious problems for online businesses. Take the Google 'slap' that resulted in advertisers' revenue costing 100 times more overnight. Or the eBay digital delivery ban that put 1000's of info product sellers out of business in a matter of days. It is very simple to become lazy about your business while the money is rolling in every day, unless you have multiple streams of income your business is destined to go nowhere quickly. The key to online wealth and success is to have as many websites and online products as you can.

Let me ask you just one simple question. Is a website that generates only 12 cents a day a failure or success? If you answered that this website would be a failure then you may as well stop reading now and give up on the Internet Marketing world right this very second. Let me put it to you this way, anything that makes you money in any business is a success, whether this is one cent or $1000. So if you have 1000 websites online each earning $1 to $10 even if half, even three quarters of your website crashed this very second, you still have an income.

Let me put it to you another way, if you had the know-how to create a website every day which earned between $1-$5 a day, what is stopping you from creating a site like this every day and within 2 years you have at least 500 websites live all earning at least $1 a day that's at least $500 a day. You could quit your day job and then live the life you have always dreamed of. More time with your loved ones, more time for holidays, as they say the world will be your oyster.

So always keep in mind that the key to online success is to keep building quick and easy websites which may only generate a little income each day but a REPETITIVE income. Remember while it may only be a little income it is an income each and every day. Once you have this process mastered you just rinse and repeat and before you know it you have 100s of sites online generating 100s of dollars a day. As any website that generates an income, no matter how little or big, is a huge success.
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