Post Cards Or Yellow Letters - Which Should I Send?

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Post cards are a great shotgun approach to direct mail marketing.
They're cheap, and if you don't have access to a targeted mailing list, they are a viable option for hitting lots of people.
Here's the downside - they're cheap, so they're used by lots of people.
That means your target audience is receiving them frequently, so it will be tough to get them to pay attention to yours.
Industry average response rates for post cards are less than 1%, in fact they're typically between 0.
1% and 0.
That means on a mailing of 1,000 units, you can expect between 1 and 5 phone calls.
Wow, right? Send out 1,000 post cards to get 5 phone calls? If it cost you $450 to send those out, each phone call you received cost you $90.
And that's if your response rate is on the high end.
Now consider yellow letter marketing.
On average, response rates are between 5% and 15%.
Since these letters use a regular stamp and are not printed with computer generated font, they cost more to produce than post cards.
Let's say you have a service that prepares the letter for you with a lead, stamp and envelope for a total cost of $1.
69 per letter, and you send out 1,000 of them.
Let's be conservative, and say you get a 10% response rate.
That's 100 people calling you, and each phone call cost you about $16.
So, should you send out post cards or yellow letters? The answer is pretty simple.
Do you want to pay $90 per phone call, or $16?
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