Choosing a Cat Tree, Playground or Kitty Condo - Outdoor Cat Condo

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Although this can be difficult, it doesn't have to be. It just takes some forethought and planning. I have heard numerous stories of people pulling into the driveway of their new home, opening the car door for the cat and never seeing the cat again. So sad.

5. A secure roof is made by constructing 2 sections of roof, per room, 8' X 4' of 2" X 2" wood frame & 1 sheet of corrugated PVC plastic cut in 2 sections & attached to the roof to allow water to flow off the roof.

Cats are cautious, a cat whisperer might say, but also quick to judge a person's trustowrthiness. Cats tend to be very careful about whom they trust, and thus, whom they let near them. Cats can also be quite daring, exploring unfamiliar surroundings as if fearless.


Sisal Rope: Most experts agree that sisal rope provides an ideal surface for your cat to sharpen her claws. It's durable, yet it doesn't 'catch' claws the way non cut pile carpet can. Most cats love the feel of it under their paws and will instinctively start scratching when they feel it under foot. All of our cat furniture features sisal rope, some on all poles, some in combination with carpet.

Years ago we had a fabulous floor to ceiling cat tower with multiple shelves, a kitty condo - the works! The only trouble was that the one place in the house where we had space for it was a room that was hardly ever used. Since our cats like to be with us, they never used the tree, and we ended up donating it to the local humane society. Now we have a smaller cat tree that we keep in the family room where we spend much of our time, and the cats use it every day.

A very common problem for outdoor cats is the natural predatory behaviours or hunting. After all these animals are genetic descendants of a great predator line. Although it is apparent the cats hunt for the sport of it and not necessarily due to hunger, felines love to hunt and proudly bring home rodents and birds which often carry sicknesses and will cause an urgent trip to the vet. An outdoor cat enclosure gives your kitty a safe place to play while keeping it away from dangerous predators, and illness. It also helps keep the bird population safe from your furry friend.

Play Tubes: Playful cats like tubes or tunnels because they can charge right through them or lie in wait and pounce at unsuspecting passersby - animal or human!

Price and Other Human Concerns

As a general rule, most cats share certain traits and habits like curiosity, a desire to hide out in a dark, enclosed space and a love of heights - but as every cat owner knows, each kitty is different!

Cat furniture can seem expensive, but it truly is an investment in your cat's health and happiness. A cat who has a place to burn off energy and take a safe nap is less likely to develop destructive habits like scratching your furniture or relieving himself outside the litterbox. Indoor cats especially need some extra stimulation to keep them from getting bored.

Secure Sleeping Spot: Our cat Lucy always sleeps leaned up against something (me, a chair cushion, or the raised lip on her favorite cat perch) - she needs the security of feeling something against her back for her to truly relax. If your cat is like Lucy, you'll want to be sure that the cat tree or playground you choose has a place to sleep where she'll feel secure. You might want a sleep tray with raised sides, a curved half moon shaped shelf or a kitty hammock.
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