OLED TV Speculation Resurfaces Amidst Pending Apple Entry into TV Market

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Dateline: 07/31/2011
OLED technology has been touted in recent years as the be-all-end-all for TV display: great color, almost unlimited contrast ratio, full hd resolution, and wafer-thin screens. While OLED screens have made their way into small screen devices, such as cell phones, there have a host of problems bringing OLED to the large screen sizes required for TVs, most notably, cost. Sony has since discontinued its 11-inch OLED TV that carried a $2,500 price tag, and LG has also offered a 15-inch OLED set for about the same price.
All the while, at trade shows, such as CES, several manufacturers have displayed OLED prototypes up to 31-inches or larger with the "promise" that producution models are coming soon, but so far, the years go by without anything viable showing up on store shelves.

Now, the latest speculation, is that LG is going to be making Apple's forthcoming entry into the TV market (not to be confused with their Apple TV media streamer), and the set they will be making for Apple is supposed to be a 55-inch OLED set.

Even if this comes to pass, based on past history, the price of such a set would be definitely out of reach for mainstream consumers. At this point, I will believe it when I actually see it (and the price tag). For more details and perspective on the current state of OLED TV, read the report from ZD Net.

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