How to Get a Driving Permit in New Jersey

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    • 1). Pick up a copy of the "NJ Driver Manual" from your local Motor Vehicle Commission office. Read the manual thoroughly in preparation for a driver's knowledge test. All answers can be found in the manual to any question the exam might cover, including questions on traffic laws, rules and regulations.

    • 2). Visit a Motor Vehicle Commission Driver Testing Center with a New Jersey licensed driver. Bring identification with you. A civil birth certificate with raised stamp, United States Department of State birth certificate, United States passport, United States adoption papers and certificates of naturalization or citizenship are permissible forms of identification. In addition, parental permission via signed consent and proof of enrollment in a state approved driver's education course must be presented.

    • 3). Inform the information service desk personnel that you wish to take the driver's permit knowledge test. They will direct you to the appropriate line at which to take the free test, which is administered via computer and may be delivered in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, French, Polish, Portuguese and Russian. The test is 50 questions in length. Applicants must receive a score of 80 percent in order to pass. You will receive your test score immediately upon completion of the exam.

      Alternately, if you have taken a driver's knowledge test at your high school, bring that to your motor vehicle office to be validated, along with your licensed driver and all applicable forms and identification.

    • 4). Take a vision test administered at your local motor vehicle office. You can wear corrective lenses, but passing requires 20/50 acuity in at least one eye, and a provision will be issued on your license indicating that you must wear the lenses when driving. Failure to pass the vision test requires a physician's visit.

    • 5). Pay the fee for the driver's permit. If you are under age 21, you will be given reflectorized decals which must be displayed on the front and back license plates of any vehicle you drive.

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