The Winter Weather Blues

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The United States has experienced more than 28 days of severe weather during January and February 2010.
Will March allow our atmosphere to settle down to a normal forecast again.
Snow, hale and ice storms developed in areas that are not use to such drastic weather changes temporarily immobilizing entire states.
Such a traumatic difference in the weather will cause high fuel bills, lost wages, delayed travel, accidents and mood swings indeed.
The sudden overturn of events will often trigger a chemical imbalance in the brain.
Your behavior, thoughts and actions take a turn and suddenly you are not the great person everyone loved to be around.
During the course of a day you tend to juggle a lot of things in your life, do not let your mood match the weather and do not become unenergized.
Try these tips to eliminate the winter weather blues and reverse your thought patterns.
Avoid negative news provided by TV, radio and news media outlets.
This could cause depression, anger or irritability.
Watch or listen to programming that allows you to feel optimistic, positive, upbeat.
SMILE, it creates a natural substance in your body that makes you feel better.
Sing, hum, whistle or dance to a popular tune, this will give you a cheery feeling.
Read a self improvement book that makes you feel good about yourself and uplift your spirit.
Or buy a book of jokes and see how many laughs you will get from that.
Exercising gets the adrenaline flowing.
Do this in moderation, energize your body.
Play focus type games with the family.
Take part in indoor activities such as bowling, swimming or ice skating.
Play with your pet, this really relieves stress.
Remember our pets are known to give unconditional love.
A change of scenery will do you good.
Get out of the house, walk through the shopping mall.
Get out and volunteer, be around positive people.
Get out into the sunshine, you need the vitamin D that it provides.
Eat well, foods that naturally exist in nature are in your favor.
Vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and seeds.
They won't make you feel stuffy, keep your energy up.
Uninterrupted sleep is needed to replenish the energy level of your body.
Normally 7-9 hours will refresh your systems.
Managing the winter blues can lead to a healthier, happier you.
Visit my website for a view of how you can stay ahead of the next weather events.
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