Introduction to Overcoming Anxiety Disorders Forever

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A little bit about me and how I have become an expert in this field.
I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety accompanied with agoraphobia, for a period of six years.
I experienced the anxiety that seem to come out of nowhere.
I avoided many social events, I stayed home, I tried to stay out of stores, restaurants, work conferences, you name it, I avoided it.
I did so because I feared that I would have a panic attack in these places.
I might pass out die, lose control.
My heart pounded I couldn't breathe, I shook with fear things looked strange and surreal, it felt as if I had ice in my blood.
I had an anxiety disorder.
I risen up to beat this disorder.
It took me six years to do it, but I managed to do it.
If someone were to ask me how I beat this disorder, I would reply.
In three phases.
One: Learn How to cope with anxiety attacks.
Two: Learn How to Prevent Panic Attacks all together.
Three: Maintain a healthy happy mind.
That's it.
Sounds pretty easy when you read it, but there are tools for each phase which must be learned and implemented.
In Phase one, we must get control of our anxiety attacks.
"put the fire out before it goes out of control and burns down the house" I am sure you have heard about deep breathing, and implementing a relaxation technique.
This technique will stop a panic attack.
Phase two, Learn how to prevent panic attacks all together.
This takes work, is should never be confused with phase 1.
Phase one is put out the fire, stop a panic attack.
Phase 2 is different in that essentially you must accept anxiety, and ask it to come into your life, so that you can face it, deal with it, and learn to concur your own fears.
Once you concur your fears, anxiety and panic attacks, have no effect on you, because you do not fear them.
This phase is intense, it takes a while to accept, face and concur.
Once you have it, you have it for life.
Phase 3 is my favorite because you learn how to put stress in it's place, you learn a powerful lesson that will change your life for the good.
This phase is something you can practice an entire life time.
It's about forgiveness for mistakes you have made in the past, it's about not worrying about what misfortunes you may see tomorrow.
It's about embracing the now, enjoying the good in your life.
It's about doing things that make you feel good, moving forward in a positive direction.
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