Composite Veneers

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Dental veneers are a lucrative fix for most dental problems.
After all, who doesn't like instantaneous results that rival the real thing.
Unfortunately, such spectacular results don't come without a cost.
Dental veneers can easily exceed $1,500 per tooth in price, and the effect of the price is compounded by the fact that your dental insurance will not cover any portion of the procedure.
What most people don't know is that an affordable variant of this procedure does exist.
It is known as tooth bonding, or composite veneers.
These veneers can be prepared and installed in a single procedure.
No mold has to be sent to a dental lab and the patient doesn't have to deal with the hassle of temporaries.
The preparation that occurs before the tooth bonding procedure is similar to that used in outfitting porcelain veneers on a patient.
Generally, it is much less invasive.
The area where the composite material will be affixed is etched to provide the bonding agent something to "bite down" onto.
The agent is then applied, and afterwards the veneers.
From there, the dentist will make adjustments to the veneer to yield the most aesthetically appealing results.
Composite veneers are generally reserved for smaller problems, like minor gaps and tooth chips.
They are not suitable for entire smile makeovers as they lack the translucent properties of porcelain which provides a natural look.
You should expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to one thousand dollars per each tooth that is bonded.
Your money might be better spent on a more expensive alternative when you are in a better financial position.
These restorations tend to last for only a few years, where after they will have to be removed and a new veneer has to be installed.
With this in mind, the procedure is actually a bigger long-term investment than initially through.
So choose carefully!
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