How To Install A Plasma Television In The Right Way

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Long time after you made your mind to get home a brand new plasma television, the next thought ultimately strike your mind would be about the installation. Because plasma televisions are to be handled with care as the small screen is made up of very delicate plasma cells that can get damaged easily. Although you own a Flat Screen TV, utmost care should be taken while installing it.

When comes to installation, Wall mounting is the most common way of installing Plasma TV. Find the appropriate location of the TV in your place and install the unit in the most appropriate angle. Make sure that you can watch comfortably while sitting down. Take care that no light source or window is causing glare on TV screen. When you have decided about the position where it must be installed, the next step would be to mark the position of the wooden studs. Then, drill the screw in while holding the mounting apparatus against the wall. If the mounts are not screwed in to the studs properly then the plasma TV may not stand in the mount.

Some people like their plasma TV to be installed over fire place. Before you decide to install the plasma TV over the fireplace, make sure that the television does not get damaged due to the heat from the fireplace. However, a brick fireplace is more secure as it can very well support the weight of the TV. According to some experts opinion a plasma TV can be safely mounted on the fire place if it is suitable.

Once you have successfully installed the plasma TV, the other important task to be done is hiding the plasma TV cables. Hanging cables could really damage the neat look plasma. Instead of making them hang, feed them through the wall or hide them behind a wall or use a conduit. Remember power supply cables are not present in the wall.

Plasma Televisions are heavier and one cannot handle by their own. Take help of another person. If you feel you cannot do it, then get installation services.
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