Is Your Brand of Mens Deodorant Safe?

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How often do you think about what you eat? Do you ever think about the calories you're eating or the chemicals, or things like excessive sugar and trans fat? If you think about those things even some of the time, then you're a fairly health-conscious person.
This is good, because what we eat directly affects our health and it's important to avoid things that are bad for us.
So how often do you think about what you put on your skin? If that's only something you think about when you're using bug spray and wondering if it has a dangerous pesticide in it, or when you're putting on sunscreen to try to avoid sunburn and cancer risks, then you're probably like most people.
The things we use every day like deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, moisturizers and makeups contain ingredients that are listed on the labels much like food labels.
And if you look at those ingredients you might be surprised at what you find, and how dangerous or controversial some of the things are.
Men's deodorant, just like women's deodorant, can contain some substances that might not sound like things you'd want to rub all over yourself.
Ethylene glycol is one of them.
If you've ever heard about a child accidentally drinking anti-freeze instead of Kool-Aid or animals being poisoned with anti-freeze because they drink it, the culprit is ethylene glycol.
It has a sweet taste so there's nothing to indicate to an animal or a child that they're drinking a neurotoxin.
But it's highly poisonous and only used in things like solvents and anti-freeze, never in anything that is to be ingested.
Yet this poisonous substance appears in a variety of hygiene products like deodorant, makeup, hair products, skin products in a variety of other items.
Ethylene glycol isn't the only known dangerous ingredient used in these types of products.
Hydroquinone, also known as benzene-1, is another element that's a known neurotoxin that appears in all these types of products, too.
And the list of products that are suspected to have negative effects is shockingly long.
Clearly, the regulatory agencies believe that these ingredients are used in such small amounts that they don't pose a danger.
Yet tobacco is sold every day and they know it kills.
Foods are sold containing trans fat, which is a completely man-made type of fat that's proven to be more dangerous than even saturated fat.
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