Improve Your Golf Game with"How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros.."

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This book is a very comprehensive coaching manual by author Jack Moorehouse and is intended for players who have played a bit of golf and are perhaps in the 80 to 100 score range, therefore covering a pretty broad range of players.

The intention of this book is to demystify some of those grey areas of the golf game and to give the reader some structure as to how they might approach the game in order to gain some early improvement.

The book itself is a full eighty pages crammed with practical ideas and golf tips written in a very understandable and readable manner that takes the reader by the hand and leads one through the mental and physical minefield that is golf.

If you are looking for a book that starts from the very beginning with what you can realistically expect to achieve by following the instructions contained within and then follows on with all the nitty gritty detail such as grip, stance, posture, set up and all the drills required to get you on the right track, then this will certainly cover off many things on your potential check list.

"How To Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros" also covers off the many practical golf tips that relate to those essential areas of ones game such as the swing in terms of timing, rhythm, and execution in a manner that makes it very easy to assimilate and action.
There are many photo shots contained throughout the book, showing the various stages of posture, grip and the swing, which again, add to the ease with which one can relate to the point being made.

I found the book was very thorough and it allowed me to take my time and work through all the areas I need to, in a very methodical way. It should also be pointed out that having the book in one's possession means it is a great ongoing reference point as you develop your game.
I will often read through a section and then work on that part of my golf game before moving on to the next section.

I was very impressed with the notion that is bought up in the book on page77 that one should not try to get ahead of oneself in golf. Just take the time to learn from the basics up, in your own time, and move ahead only as you gain confidence and ability rather than try and "push it" all too soon, as sometimes " the faster you try and go the further you fall behind"
As you would expect this book really does cover all bases from The Drive, through approach shots, pitching, chipping and putting and the whole emotional/mental approach.

Possibly a video would have been helpful with the online version, but I do note that videos are available as an addition if required.
I feel the book is suited to serious golfers who are determined to work on their game and get that handicap lower and are willing to work at it, because it definitely does work for those willing to apply the effort.

This golf book is extremely good value and just one tip put to good use, will pay for the book, when you consider the price is only about the cost of one golf lesson and you have the book to keep, to refer back to, at any stage.

In summary, the trick is to be a coach to yourself and not a critic, as it is a game of confidence and composure. This book gives you all the necessary golf tips and tricks, to be able to coach yourself beyond just the technical aspects of the game and equally allows you to build confidence.

Just as importantly it reminds you to enjoy "The Great Game" first and foremost.
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