Why Do Women Flake Out?

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Have you ever wondered why a woman would flake out on a date with you? You are ready to head out the door and within the last few minutes, she calls to cancel on you.
While you might be feeling hurt and confused, there may be a reason for her to cancel the date.
Just like the reasons men give when they flake out on a date, women will also have things suddenly pop up.
In some cases, a family emergency will really happen and there may be times she has to work late.
However, there may be other instances when something else may be in the works that could have an impact on the relationship.
One reason women flake out on a date is that they feel uncomfortable with the man.
At the time, she might have agreed to the date to avoid a negative situation and tried to pass off the discomfort she felt in the initial meeting.
As she has talked to friends and evaluated the situation, she might feel the situation doesn't feel right.
There is also the possibility a relationship with someone else became more serious.
At the time she agreed to a date with you, the other relationship may have consisted of nothing more than an occasional dinner or seeing a movie together.
Since securing the date with you, the other relationship may have taken a more serious turn and she doesn't want to ruin it.
In some cases, a committed woman will even get caught up in a moment of flirtation and not think about what she has agreed to until after the fact.
You will find that there may be times when a better opportunity for the woman comes up.
This could be a once in a lifetime work experience that could help her get a promotion, or someone she has been interested in for a long time may have become available.
This doesn't mean she doesn't like you and may not be interested, but a situation presented itself that appealed to her more than going on a date with a person she doesn't know.
Something to keep in mind is that the safety concern will always be at the front of a woman's mind.
If she ever feels like she won't be safe in a situation, she will not go on a date with you.
A good idea will be to initially meet somewhere that is very public and go in separate vehicles.
This gives you both the chance to get to know each other a little better and reduces the risks for both parties.
You'll find that this suggestion may help to reduce the number of times a woman may flake out.
What you need to remember is that you are not always the reason a woman may flake out.
Trust in the fact that you are good enough to be a great partner for another person and let your confidence be a trait that has a woman turning her head and checking you out.
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