Use SURVEYS to Find Out What Your Clients Want

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What does your market really want? Answering this question is your primary marketing challenge.
One of the most direct methods of finding the answer is by surveying your market.
Studying surveys and gathering concrete feedback about what potential clients want - and how you can provide it - is a tried-and-true method of focusing your marketing in the right direction.
Surveys are a valuable tool in analytical marketing.
The most direct way of conducting a survey is to contact your list.
One way you can do this is by sending an email to everyone on your list.
Ask their opinion about your product.
Find out what your contacts' biggest challenges, problems or complaints are, and address those issues when you present your offering.
Ask what they most want help with.
The answer might not be what you expected - but that is the point of the survey.
Listening to the feedback will keep you from developing a product that users don't really want.
If you are targeting a small market, use a telephone survey.
Call the people you want to speak with directly.
Let them know that you are putting together a product to help people in their situation.
Ask them about any suggestions or requirements they may have.
Depending on the market you're in, that may yield better results than a standard email survey.
If you anticipate more than 100 responses, consider using tools that can help you with your survey.
Survey Monkey and AskDatabase.
com will help you analyze responses by collecting and collating them in a simple database for your review.
When you prepare a survey, craft open-ended questions.
You don't want to lead people to answer in a certain way.
Leave room for them to respond with more than a simple "yes" or "no" and with no preconceived ideas that might prevent them from answering honestly.
Ask effective questions that will tell you what challenges your clients are facing and what you can do to assist them in your area.
Open-ended types of questions will generate more useful answers.
Once you have identified what your market needs, unhook yourself from any pre-determined decisions that you've already made about the product you will offer.
Be open-minded and evaluate your research.
This is how you will know for certain what your market really wants and be able to deliver them the right product.
You have the potential to create an amazing life for yourself and others by delivering the exact products and programmes your prospects need and want.
Find out exactly what will make your product red-hot and irresistible by simply asking the right questions.
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