How to Run System Restore From the XP CD

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    Restoring Windows XP to factory settings.

    • 1). Check that the CD drive is set to run first in the start-up process. Restart the computer and press "F2" or "F12," and select the "boot menu." Use the arrow keys to put your CD drive at No. 1 on the list. Save and exit. Insert the Windows XP disk when the computer finishes booting up.

    • 2). Power down or restart the computer and get ready to be quick. Text that reads "press any key to boot from CD" will pop up. Press any key on the keyboard to continue. The prompt will disappear after three seconds. Restart the computer and start over if you miss the promts.

    • 3). Wait for windows to load it's files. Ignore the prompt asking to install any "RAID" driver. Press the "Enter" key to begin the restoration when the menu finishes loading.

    • 4). Read through the licensing terms and press "F8" to accept them. Choose which installation of Windows XP you would like to restore. Likely there will only be one option; if there are more, ensure that you choose the correct copy. Press "ESC" to restore Windows XP to it's original settings.

    • 5). Wait as Windows deletes the old files and copies the new ones to the hard drive. It will then begin installing Windows to the hard drive and will give an estimated completion time.

    • 6). Choose your regional and language options at the next screen. Click the "next" button and decide if the computer is in a workgroup. If it is a personal computer, there likely is no workgroup. Click "next".

    • 7). Wait for the installation to finalize. Restart when it is finished. No input is necessary. You will then be customizing your computer to fill your needs. Select the appropriate options. You will be asked to register (optional) and set up your first user account at the next screen. Click "next" and windows will start. The installation is completed.

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