How to Install a CD-ROM in a Dell Latitude CS 400XT

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    • 1). Check the taskbar for an icon that looks like an open laptop. This icon is the software portal for either Softex Docking Services or Softex Bay Manager. This software is available on computers with factory-installed Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98.

      If this icon is on the taskbar, right-click on it and then click on either "Remove or Swap Devices" or "Insert Bay Devices" when the drop-menu appears. A hardware wizard will then appear.

      If the Softex software isn't on the computer, shut it down go to Step 2.

    • 2). Disconnect the external media bay cable from the computer and from the external media bay.

    • 3). Turn the external media bay over, slide the bay release tab, and pull the installed device, if any, out of the bay.

    • 4). Push the CD-ROM into the external media bay until you hear a click, which means it's fully seated into the bay.

    • 5). Connect the external media bay cable to the bay and the computer. Once you've gotten the hardware connected, return to the hardware wizard that you opened in Step 1.

    • 6). Click on "OK" at the "Softex Docking Services" or "Softex Bay Manager" screen, the "Device Removal" screen and the "Device Configured" screen on the hardware wizard, and the CD-ROM is ready for use.

      If the Softex software isn't installed on your computer, just start up the system to use the CD-ROM.

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