Questions Related to Marriage Laws

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Marriage is one of the most important decisions in some people's lives. It is the most legally binding relationship and involves a long term commitment. All marriages that take place are governed by the marriage laws of the respective state. These laws put forth the legal responsibilities and rights that people who are getting married may have. Given below are some important questions about marriage laws that have been answered:

How would one define consummation with regarding to marriage and divorce law?
When a married couple has sexual intercourse, the consummation of marriage is considered to take place. However, this does not include any kind of sexual activity. Sexual intercourse may not include anal or oral sex. In most situations, one may not get an annulment of marriage if the marriage has been consummated. If the marriage has been consummated, then the couple may be able to end the marriage only through divorce.

Would it legal for first cousins to get married?
Most states of the US may not recognize marriage among first cousins, though it may be considered legal in some states. Most states require the marriage to be annulled if it has taken place among first cousins. If the marriage among first cousins is not recognized in a particular state, then the annulment will also have to take place in that state itself.

If the residents of Ohio got married in Jamaica, would this marriage be considered legal in Ohio?
As long as the marriage is considered to be legal in the country where it took place, the marriage will also be considered valid in Ohio. It would be advisable to get the marriage registered in the state where the couple stays so that it is legally recognized. If the marriage is not registered, the couple may have trouble filing for a divorce in the future.

A resident of US and UK got married in California. Would there be restriction on the travel of either party in such a situation?
In a situation like the one mentioned above, the citizen of UK may have to file for a status change to get a green card. If he/she does not file for this change of status, it may be difficult for him/her to return to the US. The individual can obtain a O type visa which is a dual intent visa. The individual will be able to travel anywhere and return to the US once the green card with the I 131 is filed.

How can one protect one's assets before and during a marriage?
One may get a pre-nuptial agreement to protect one's assets from before the marriage. This agreement will help the couple decide what to do with the property if the marriage ends. The process of creating the agreement can be both easy and complicated depending on the property that is involved. In some cases, people may speak to a lawyer dealing with marriage law to help them.

Marriage law covers almost all the aspects of marriage like financial, contractual and regional. This law covers almost all the potential issues that may arise in a marriage. However, most people may not know about these laws and may have questions regarding the same. In such situations, one may ask a family lawyer and for as much information about marriage laws as one needs.

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