How to Change PAL DVD to NTSC

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    • 1). Download and install the free VLC Media Player. There are no other free media players available that will perform this task sufficiently. Insert your PAL DVD into your computer's DVD drive and open VLC Media Player.

    • 2). Click on "File" and then "Open Disc" from the VLC Media Player. Click to select "DVD" as your disc type, and then check the "Stream/Save" box down under the Advanced Options.

    • 3). Click "Settings..." under the Advanced Options. Check the "File" box and enter the location and name you would like to use to save your video file.

    • 4). Click to select "MPEG PS" as your Encapsulation Method. Under the Transcoding options, select "Audio codec" box and selct "MP3" for your audio output format.

    • 5). Click to select the box for "Select all elementary streams" under the Miscellaneous settings, and then click "OK."

    • 6). Click "OK" once again to exit the "Open Disc" menu and VLC will begin ripping the PAL DVD to a video file on your computer. This could take up to an hour, so be patient.

    • 7). Download and install Free Video Converter, Handbrake or Any Video Converter. Open Free Video Converter (or a program of the like) and drag the video file that VLC Media Player just created into the main screen of Free Video Converter.

    • 8). Click "DVD (NTSC format)" to select the Output Format for your video file in the lower part of the program's main screen.

    • 9). Click the "Output Path" tab and select a path where you would like your video file to be saved.

    • 10

      Click the "Convert Video" button at the top of the screen to begin converting your PAL video into an NTSC video format. This will take a while, so be patient. To speed things up, click to uncheck the box next to "Preview video during conversion."

    • 11

      Download and install DVD Flick. Open DVD Flick and locate the NTSC video file created by Free Video Converter. Drag this video file into the main screen of DVD Flick.

    • 12

      Enter a destination path under "Project destination folder" and then click "Create DVD."

    • 13

      Insert a blank DVD-R into your DVD burner and let DVD Flick do its thing. This could take up to a few hours so, once again, be patient.

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