Why Men Pull Away - Three Signs That He May Want to Break Up With You

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How often do men initiate conversations about relationships? Hardly ever.
I'd say that most often they try to avoid these types of conversations like the plague.
So how are we, as women, supposed to understand exactly what they are saying to us when there are no outright, clear verbal cues and signals? Well, we have to interpret some of the non-verbal cues and actions.
Of course at times, since they are non-verbal, we may think that we are over-reacting to them or picking up the wrong signals because we can never really be sure if we are indeed interpreting the signals correctly.
But I always say to follow your gut instincts when you are picking up on non-verbal cues a guy is giving.
When men pull away, it is a clear indication that something is not quite right.
Of course there are a number of reasons why men pull away but the bottom line is that is not usually a good sign.
Another piece of advice you should always follow is to pay attention to what a man does as opposed to what he says because then you get to the heart of what is really going on a lot faster.
So let's look at some of the things that a man might do that should signal to you that he is thinking about breaking up with you.
See if any of these sound familiar...
He becomes extremely busy at work or on projects - too busy to spend time with you or call you like before.
Because a man would rather eat his arm off than to tell a woman that he is no longer interested in her and, in fact, he really wants to split up, to avoid that talk, the confrontation, the questions and a flood of negative emotions coming his way, he'll just become very scarce.
That is just easier for him to deal with so he'll either become wrapped up in work as a pretext to avoid seeing you or he'll just use it an excuse even if his workload has not increased.
He doesn't text you cute stuff anymore.
When a man is into you and content and happy being with you, he'll send you little texts throughout the day.
It's his way of letting you know that he's are thinking about you.
In some of the texts, he may actually say that he misses you.
That is how you know that you are indeed on mind.
When the cute texts stop, in conjunction with Point 1 above, it is a good sign that he may be thinking of splitting up with you.
His focus even when he is with you is elsewhere.
When you are with him now, you notice that his focus is not wholly on you.
You feel as though he would rather be somewhere else.
Though he would never admit that to you, his actions alone will tell you that he is not fully focused on the two of you being together.
He may be playing with his phone; not at all interested in having conversation with you; more in tune with whatever is on television than with you.
If any of these happen in isolation however, it may very well just be that he is worried about something or in a bad mood.
In point 3, the lack of interest should present itself more than once and in other forms for you to suspect that there is something about the relationship that is not going well for him and that will clue you in that a break-up may be on the horizon.
If you have seen any of the above signs then yes, it may just be his way of telling you that he wants to break up with you.
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