The Very Best Tips to Promoting Your Business Video on YouTube

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Keep it short - no more than 3 minutes long.
Online viewers often have short attention spans and there are a myriad of competing sites for your attention - so no major Hollywood epics- short and sweet.
The KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Stupid) applies here as everywhere else.
Plan ahead - write a short script and review it as your customer will see it - promote the benefits of your business not features.
Aim for something that will help the narrative and make it interesting such as humor or high profile 'talking head' customers.
People like to know things about their community.
HD - High Definition - YouTube now allows for HD 720p videos which look stunning and can have a high quality digital soundtrack.
Most users now use broadband so it shouldn't be an issue of insufficient bandwidth and stuttering videos.
However if it is then YouTube allows for different resolutions which suits most users whether they use a desktop or a mobile phone.
Title it well - use the keywords you are optimising for and ensure you use all the available characters.
Local search can be optimised by including the locality in the title.
For instance a hair salon in East Dulwich could be titled East Dulwich's finest Hair and Beauty Salon - affordable luxury- perfect results! 5.
Use the description to maximum effect.
YouTube allows up to 5000 characters in the description so use as much as you can - search engines still love text and make sure the best keywords are at the beginning.
Website link - If your business has a website (and if not you need one!)- put the URL starting with http:// on the very first line of your description.
This ensure it sits just below the video itself and makes it easier for the viewer to find and click through on.
Key word tags - ensure you max these out with the best possible words and use phrases where appropriate.
"low cost business videos".
Ensure your video finishes with a call to action be it a visit to your store / website or special offer.
Embed your video on your website, blog or forum.
Community forums can be particularly useful if yours is a local brick and mortar business and you are looking for high local search results.
Good luck and by following these easy tips quick results are almost guaranteed.
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