Amp Up Your Weight Loss and Drop Pounds Fast by Learning a Simple Carbohydrate Shift

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One of the best ways to amp up your weight loss and drop pounds fast is by doing a simple carbohydrate shift for 2 weeks.
The problem many people face when starting a diet is that their body has become resistant to losing due to years of poor eating.
This carbohydrate shift primes the body and improves its ability to burn fat which in turn can amp up your weight loss.
Carbohydrates are your body's first choice for energy; it turns to them because they are easy to breakdown.
However, many people who are overweight have overfeed their body carbs and their body has become resistant to them making it harder to metabolize them into energy and easier to store them as fat.
This shows up for the dieter as painfully slow weight loss and in order to break out of this pattern and get the pounds to drop off fast again you must give your body a break by shifting your carbohydrate intake.
When you shift your carbs what you essentially want to do is finish eating carbohydrates by lunchtime and then switch to proteins, vegetables and good fats in the afternoon.
This shift still allows your body to have carbohydrates but by forcing it to go without them in the later half of your day it must look for alternative sources of energy.
What does it turn to? The wonderful answer is that it begins to burn body fat at a more efficient rate to provide the body the energy it needs and your weight loss increases as a result.
If your weight loss is slower than you would like or you simply want to amp up your weight loss than follow this simple carbohydrate shift for the next two weeks and turn your body back into an efficient fat burner.
And remember, the quicker you get started the quicker you see results.
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