Prince William Shows His True Colours

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Prince William has reaffirmed the notion that he is as caring and humble as his mother was, by spending a couple of days helping out at a charity hostel in Soho, London.
William, who is currently a helicopter pilot in the RAF, helped out with the daily running of the hostel mainly as a kitchen helper but also turning his hand to cooking, cleaning of rooms and even helping with some of the resident's benefit claims.
The charity who run the hostel are Centrepoint.
They specialise in helping homeless and vulnerable youngsters and have just celebrated their 40th anniversary.
William's mother, Princess Diana was previously patron of the charity and took him along to visit the shelters.
The cause must have had some impact on the young prince as he went on to become patron himself in 2005.
Regular workers at the Soho hostel had only good things to say about Prince William.
They all commended him on his ability to really get stuck in and give one hundred percent effort in everything he was helping out with.
He arrived at the hostel promptly at 7am and apparently was reluctant to go home at the end of the day.
The manager Roger Defoe commented that "he did everything a good volunteer would do".
Another trait that the prince reportedly demonstrated was his compassion towards the residents.
He would be very sympathetic to their needs and would listen intently to their varied and often harrowing stories.
It is yet another quality he shared with his month suggested Sharon Lewis, who was once a homeless mother but has gone on to become manager at Centrepoint.
She remembers well the days that Diana spent at the various hostels and even recalls her often bringing her children in to help.
Prince William is definitely his mother's son and the world is a better place for it.
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