How to Paint & Texture Paneled Walls

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    • 1). Empty the room of furniture. Lay out tarps.

    • 2). Sink any raised nail heads or other obstructions with your hammer and centerpunch.

    • 3). Sand the whole surface of the paneling with a vibrating sander, from top to bottom, to clean up and dull the surface. Wipe off all the dust.

    • 4). Caulk any holes, cracks or seams in the paneling to get the surface completely flat. Let the caulk dry overnight.

    • 5). Apply primer over the edges of the wall, by the floor and ceiling with a paint brush. Use a roller to cover the rest. Let it dry overnight.

    • 6). Brush textured paint heavily along the top of the wall, for a few feet. Use a roller to apply it to the open portion of the wall below that. Move over and repeat the process for the next section of the wall, first brushing it along the top and then working down with the roller.

    • 7). Repeat and continue, working your way across the wall by sections. Stop after each section and assess the paint from a few feet back to make sure the texture looks consistent and that the sections are properly blending to one another as you apply them. Do the whole wall. Let it set for 24 hours.

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