How to Test the Keyless Entry Transmitter in an Accord

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    • 1). Make sure the engine is charged up, and then press a button on your keyless transmitter. If nothing happens, continue to Step 2 to reprogram the transmitter.

    • 2). Insert the key into the ignition and turn two clicks clockwise to set it to the "Run" position.

    • 3). Press either "Unlock" or "Lock" on the transmitter, and then turn the ignition key back to the base, or "0" position. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 four more times, but on the fourth time, leave the ignition key set at the "Run" position. You will hear a chime to signal that you have entered programming mode.

    • 4). Press the "Lock" button or the "Unlock" button on the transmitter. The door locks will cycle to confirm the transmitter has been successfully programmed.

    • 5). Remove the key from the ignition and press a button on the transmitter. If you can lock or unlock the doors with it, the transmitter is working correctly.

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