You Are What You Drive

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What car do you drive? Would you like a bigger and faster car? Perhaps a sports car if you could own one, or a four by four? Whatever the case, when looking at the features of a car most of us have overlooked the most important feature: its danger.
But how is this so? Indeed millions of people are killed in car accidents, yet there is another way cars affect negatively the lives of people the environment and the overall planet, through its excessive consumption of oil.
The world we live in has become a crying world that is showing symptoms of the damage that has been done to it.
Poverty, recession, environmental degradation, pollution and social problems are not fiction but a reality.
The terms "going green", "organic", "environmentally friendly" have become fashionable words that fail to grasp the seriousness of our world problems.
Ignoring or decreasing the seriousness of the unfolding events is certainly a fatal mistake with global consequences.
An oil crisis with oil reaching a peak is well on its way, currently there is no substitute that will lessen the impact and scientists are also alerting us about environmental devastation and climatic changes.
This can be helped if we acknowledge that cars are one of the greatest consumers of oil.
If we develop an alternative source of energy for cars and decrease the demand and consumption of oil we will be taking one of the greatest steps in healing the planet and bringing everyone towards a better way of life.
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