Lanyards Are The Thing

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Lanyards seem to be the thing at this time in our society.
Employers use them.
Schools use them.
Children through seniors use them.
It's a great way to keep track of little things like keys and such.
Whatever you need to keep track of - name badges, key - they all simply attach to the lanyard which hangs around your neck giving you easy access to it.
They come in a variety of colors so they can match outfits or jackets.
Because you wear them around your neck you don't need to worry about poking holes in your clothing or wearing the right kind of outfit so you can wear a clip.
They are very versatile.
In fact versatility is not just about what color lanyard you're wearing with what outfit.
Nor is it about the various items you can attach to it.
It is also versatile in how it can be worn.
Obviously in the work place, which is where one is most likely to see them, they are worn around the neck.
But let's consider a teenage guy.
When he's not in school wearing the required school identification lanyard, it is not unusual to see him carrying his keys on a lanyard - a lanyard that expresses his interest.
But interestingly enough, you won't find him wearing his keys around his neck - that's for "old" people.
Instead he sports his lanyard in his front pocket - keys secure inside and lanyard dangling out.
Does is seem foolish to the "old"? Is it just making a fashion statement? Is it just an opportunity to show-off that they can drive? Perhaps.
But maybe it really is for practical reasons as well.
Keys are safe.
How many teens do you know that can't keep track of their keys? Not only are they safe, but they are easy to get to as well.
Just a tug on the lanyard and keys are handy.
Makes sense.
Lanyards - versatile, ageless, practical, and all around us.
How we use them might only be limited by our imaginations.
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