The Beauty of Netherlands: Cultural and Natural Beauty of a Lowly Placed Land

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Netherlands is one of the most beautiful countries in the world to visit.
There are a large number of things to see in this little country.
Travelling to this country is a dream of most of the people in the world.
So what are the beautiful things that we can see here and how can we enjoy in Netherlands? Like any other country in the world, the Dutch culture of Netherlands also has a long history.
In this country, prostitution is made legal, but for that, the prostitutes have to register their names in the recognized brothels of the countries.
Even though prostitution is held with disgust in most of the countries of the world, here it is made legal and every prostitute who has registered her name in the brothels is given the status of a respected prostitute.
Even drugs are also made legal in this country.
They are a part and parcel of Dutch culture.
Cannabis, one of the best known drugs in the world, is allowed to be sold in small quantities.
Hence even the drugs are also not illegal here, provided that there are limits over its quantity.
Homosexuality is also allowed in this country and gay and lesbian marriage is made legal.
This is one of the very few countries in the world which have made homosexuality legal.
Along with that, it has also made euthanasia legal under strict guidelines.
Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and hence every town and city of this country is swarming with people all over.
It is also one of the highly industrialized countries in the world and hence everyone would like to settle down in Netherlands.
Many people have come to Netherlands from foreign countries and have made this country their abode.
Industrial areas are swarming with people.
The name 'Netherlands' comes from the fact that this country is lower than the mean sea level.
There is no other country in the world which is as low as Netherlands.
The system of transportation is highly developed in this country.
Airways, railways and roadways are constructed in the best possible way.
Speed limits are applied on each and every road and those limits are followed by every driver strictly.
The roads and railway tracks are maintained cleanly and hence the whole country looks very beautiful.
Beauty of any country lies in its nature.
It is believed that usually highly industrials countries are usually poor when it comes to their natural beauty, but Netherlands is an exception to it.
Even though it is densely populated and industrialized, the beauty of the country lies in the beautiful forests, animal and bird life of the country which is difficult to find elsewhere.
While going to Netherlands, it is better to keep a pocket compass with you.
Compass helps you to find your way when you have lost it somewhere in the middle of the industrialized area.
In big cities, it is absolutely impossible to find your way without a pocket compass.
So never forget to take it with you.
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