Your iPhone Is Still Valuable Even When Broken

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Does something cease to have any value when it is broken?  In the case of the iphone, the answer is most certainly "no," as there are many ways to sell a broken iphone at a decent price.  But why would anyone want to pay for a broken phone, whether an iphone or any other brand?  The answer is rather simple and straightforward: though the product as a whole may no longer be functioning as desired, many internal components are probably still in functioning order and, in any case, the actual materials used in electronics products like smart phones are quite expensive to procure (from mining operations or from synthetic lab procedures).  In light of all this, it makes a whole lot of sense for people to sell broken iphone products rather than to heave them into the waste bin.

Think of your smart phone as you would think of your computer: when the thing breaks down or, worse yet, is actually physically broken, you don't just automatically assume that it is now one giant piece of garbage!  You take it to your friendly computer technician to be repaired, or you try to find out how to sell the thing.  The same mentality ought to be applied when handling products such as an iphone, which is nothing more than a tiny computer that includes a telephone in it.  Just because some internal component of the phone is broken doesn't mean that the entire package is now worthless; even the part that has been broken or which is malfunctioning for one reason or another is likely to still have some value in it, especially if it is one of the internal parts containing valuable metals such as lead, zinc, or copper.  On the one hand you could have the iphone taken to a technician and repaired, which could potentially ring you up a pretty bill; or, on the other hand, you could simply choose to sell the broken iphone and use that money to go ahead and get yourself a newer, nicer phone—iphone or not.

What's the best way to go about this?  As with so many things in our modern lives, the internet is a good place to start searching for potential buyers of your broken iphone, and indeed there are currently many sites to go to if you want to sell broken iphone products or other electronics gear as well.  As with everything on the web, there are reliable companies working in this field and there are unreliable ones that will likely try to pull a fast one on you; so be thorough when looking around, and find the most professional looking sites with the most convenient services and that actually have logos or seals on their sites that provide real reassurance—seals such as the VeriSign seal, to give just one example.  When you sell broken iphone or other electronics products to a reliable company online, you are going to get a good cash value that possibly goes beyond $100-$200, and you are going to get all the necessary packaging materials sent straight to your door for added convenience.  What further incentives do you really need to sell a broken iphone online?!
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