Top Five IOS Games for PacMan Fans

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All hail the era of the yellow ball! Yes, we are talking about Mr. Pac Man himself. To this day most games or game developers mimic the game design that PacMan (Pac Man, or Pac-Man) founded. I am talking about the "collect-em, run-from-em" game play that would keep anyone on the edge of a bar stool and focused on that glossy, 8-bit goodness that we call PacMan.

Years upon years have passed and we still see PacMan revisited through numerous titles. In this article, I am going to highlight the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the cherry of the maze (I could write a sister article, All the horrible games I had to play to come up with this list of great games, but I'll have to save that for another time). So, without further adieu or explanation, here is a list of today's greatest tributes to the genre PacMan built.

1. Name: EVAC HD
Price: $1.99Summary:
Welcome to the world of EVAC- you play as Pink- a friendly little box on a quest to gather color cubes. These cubes were hoarded by the evil and omnious Shadowbox who heckles you throughout the entirity of your journey. Your quest is to collect these color cubes by navigating your way through each level of Shadowbox's labyrinth. With the help of the doomed Yellow Boxes, Pink may be able to find his way through the labyrinth while avoiding the clutches of Shadowbox and his minions. Like PacMan, EVAC has powerups in most levels that are difficult to reach but extremely useful.

The Good:
+Unique mix of genres with arcade, action, stealth and puzzle game play elements.
+32 meticulously designed levels, each with a different twist.
+Creative game play - think of your own ways how to beat the game.

The Bad:
-A bit morbid at points
-Flashing and switching of bright and vibrant colors could lead to sensory overload.

2. Name: LookOut - Blizzard
By: Unnyhog
Price: FreeSummary:
LookOut - Blizzard is basically what would happen if you removed the barriers of PacMan, threw him on Mount Everest, and gave all of the evil ghosts' elemental powers. Sounds epic, right? Definitely give this game a shot if you are into tilt controls and fast-paced gameplay. It is probably the most innovative and cutting-edge labyrinth game there is and it is definitely worth trying. Give the survival mode a shot, fun and challenging.

The Good:
+Well-crafted levels
+Dynamic, tilt-to-survive gameplay.
+Survival and Multiplayer mode
+Great sound, music, & vibrations (when explosions happen)

The Bad:
-The screen shaking can be a little violent at points.
-Lack of direction in the menu.3. Name: Forget-Me-Not
By: Nyarlu Labs
Price: $1.99Summary:
It's difficult to tell what the exact story is of Forget-Me-Not, and to be honest it's probably better that we do not know at all. From what it looks like, you play as a ghost flying through an atmosphere similar to that if you threw PacMan into the 80's TRON universe. Now that may seem fun, but now let's give PacMan a gun. Yes, Forget-Me-Not is one of the only labyrinth games where you are personally armed with a weapon. In terms of gameplay, the game strikes the
perfect note and is almost a cousin to PacMan itself. You eat dots, kill enemies and zip around a labyrinth frantically trying to escapeEUR¦ yep- Forget-me-Not.

The Good:
+Many different game modes.
+Classic 8-bit design with beautiful HD quality.
+Fast paced and fun gameplay for any fan of the labyrinth genre.

The Bad:
-Kind of confusing from the start, little explanation or direction
-Repetitive objectives.
-You can kill yourself with your auto-firing gun, which puts a pretty annoying twist in the gameplay.

4. Name: Labyrinth 2 HD
By: Illusion Labs
Price: $1.99/FreeSummary:
The sequel to the original iPad tilt-to-win game, Labyrinth 2 comes back with the similarly crisp graphics to the original with a twist. Labyrinth 2 is basically your original labyrinth game, you control a marble and your goal is to tilt your way into the objective while avoiding the numerous traps that lie in your way. What makes this game truly epic is the level creator- you can make a level pack and share it among the rest of the community. This leads to an endless playing experience that makes Labyrinth 2 worth the relatively high price tag.

The Good:
+Beautiful design and great HD graphics make it feel like you're playing the original table-top game.
+Interesting world design and obstacles.
+Hundreds of community-made levels.

The Bad:
-A bit costly for the full experience.
-Boring, yet simple, audio.

Name: Pakkuman's Defense
By: TameTick
Price: $0.99Summary:
Pakkuman's DefenseEUR¦ look at the title and think about it. Do you see it yet? PacMan's Defense! This game is basically what you would get if you crossed PacMan with your basic tower-defense game. Sounds epic right? Pakkuman's Defense serves as a tribute to 80's arcade game and makes you wonder why this game was not invented back then. It is a nostalgic trip back to PacMan that you are sure to enjoy. Everything from the main character, the dots and the ghosts looks like PacMan. Well, it is no wonder why the title bears such a striking resemblance to the original small yellow guy himself.

The Good:
+Interesting and original take on PacMan gameplay.
+Fun tower-defense elements make for a wider range of strategy.
+Many different level designs.

The Bad:
-Tower positioning could be more user-friendly.
-Visually bland


Labyrinth 2:
Pakkuman's Defense: Find on iTunes
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