Tecnovap Jetsteam Maxi Clean Kitchens Faster

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The current high food safety standard requirements for commercial kitchens are extensively important and a regular cleaning of commercial kitchens should be maintained, but somehow it is often neglected. Traditional cleaning of commercial kitchen environments required physical scrubbing and the use of detergents or degreasers.

However in this time, we have already a new and more effective and efficient methods for cleaning commercial kitchens. This cleaning system is the use of commercial steam cleaners such as Tecnovap JetSteam Maxi steam cleaner that has the ability to clean, sanitize and disinfect.

The JetSteam Maxi is compact in size, yet a very powerful commercial steam cleaner. It has a temperature of +180C super-heat that easily emulsifies away grime and grease; 94 percent dry vapor steam that leaves little water residue; and an 8-bar pressure to clean efficiently the nooks and crannies, which are often missed.

A JetSteam Maxi commercial steam cleaner comes with a wide range of necessary tools to clean hygienically kitchens':

* ovens,cook tops and range-hoods

* mixers, food processors and fridges

* benches, splash backs and chopping boards

* greasy floors and walls

* windows and more

How to clean using JetSteam Maxi?

Simply steam the surface with the relevant tool and use an absorbent cotton or microfibre cloth to collect the melted grime. Hygienic cleaning of an average commercial kitchen can be done in just 30 minutes with the use of a JetSteam Maxi commercial steam cleaner. Difficult stains like carbon back on splash backs and slippery oily floors are cleaned in seconds. This is a no hard scrubbing procedure and no chemicals required.

JetSteam Maxi is safe and easy to use; saves chemical and labour cost; effective and efficient; and environmentally friendly.

Features of the JetSteam Maxi commercial steamer includes hot water injection for rinsing; continuous refill technology; durable double locking tools; high temperature copper fittings; extra strong stainless steel boiler with replaceable heating element and a fast heat up time of less than four minutes.
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