How Do I Set Slider Handles in Matlab?

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    • 1). Open Matlab, type "guide" in the command window and press "Enter."

    • 2). Click the second tab to open an existing GUI project. Select the project you would like to open from the list, and click "OK."

    • 3). Click the slider icon on the objects palette to add a slider to your GUI.

    • 4). Double-click the slider object to open the property inspector.

    • 5). Change "Tag" to the name you wish to call your slider. For example, "slider1."

    • 6). Click the "Save" icon in the GUI editor, and your GUI's code should appear. If not, click the pencil and paper icon to open the code.

    • 7). Scroll down the code until you see the "slider1_Callback" function.

    • 8). Type "n = get(handles.Handlename,'Value');" below the last line of the "slider1_Callback" function. "Handlename" should be the name of another object (e.g. text box) at whose value you want to set the slider.

    • 9). Type "set(handles.slider1,'Value',n));" below the last line of the line you typed in Step 8 to pass the value from the other handle to your slider. Set your slider at that value.

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