Is Your Data Safe From a Disaster?

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Business owners don't usually think about a recovery plan to keep their computers data safe from a disaster.
They're focused on the everyday tasks of running their business, taking care of customers, talking to suppliers and adding up their daily profits.
Most don't ever think about their computers storing their data which is the meat to their business.
This means they're not ready if a disaster were to happen.
If they were to lose all their data, their business would be doomed.
Some have gone through this tragedy forcing them to shut down.
They can't run it efficiently or at all without all the information in their computers.
It's not the clipboard method these days, where you log everything manually and store hard-copies in your file cabinet.
In this computer age, the world moves faster than it did fifty years ago and you have to keep up with the demands of your customers/clients to maintain a solid business.
Backing up all your data is imperative to keep it safe should your computers crash or if there was a fire.
Online backup systems fail and are unreliable storing your files on tapes making it easy for any hacker to access it.
Many times, the back system loses some of your files through transfer and when you try to retrieve them, they're not all there.
The only backup system to fully protect your data is the cloud off-site backup system that stores your files in a safe secure off-site server.
A fleet of yellow cabs that were owned by the same guys had a faulty backup system.
Their main office is in the Midwest and they kept the bulk of their business in that facility on their computers.
A few years ago there was a bad winter storm, it knocked out electrical power and caused many computers to crash.
The Yellow Cab owners thought their data was protected, but it knocked out the backup system as they backed up all their data to their own servers.
The company had two hundred cabs leased out and the cab drivers paid a daily lease.
Their data was gone so the owner had to go on the honesty of the drivers.
They lost many thousands of dollars caused from this disaster.
They eventually installed an off-site secure backup system, so now their data is safe from any disaster that comes their way.
Is your data safe from a disaster or will you lose it all should a disaster happen?
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