Noteshelf - New Note Application For Ios

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Like the iPad application note, Noteshelf lets you write memos using a variety of pen and paper style. But do not just stop there, this application also provides some additional extras, such as an optional passcode, palm rejection and emoticons. Noteshelf package was created to compete with some other notes applications, but whether the appropriate application note presented to the price of $ 5.99?


Noteshelf application note is available for iOS only. Once you download and install this app, this app will ask you to send push notifications and then bring you to the main interface. You do not need to create an account or enter any personal information.


Design in this application brings skeuomorphic design. The main interface of this application note looks like a wooden bookshelf, similar to Newsstand in iOS. In this application note, you will find a sample of the book on the left above tap new in the upper right to record or creating a new note, where you can choose the color and type of paper cover note.

At the top of every note, no wood-style toolbar with options to remove pages that have been marked, remove or rewrite the last line that you created, and zoom in on certain parts of the page. In the middle of the bar are pen, marker tool, eraser tool, text tool, and a tool for adding emoticons and photos. If you press and hold one of the tools to write, a pretty pen lets you not only choose the color, but also the thickness of a pen or highlighter.

If you want to type text, select the icon at the top of the T or double-tap anywhere on the page. A small toolbar above the keyboard lets you change the font, size and alignment.

In Settings, you can change the look of the paper, adding tags and notebooks share via email, Facebook or Twitter. Here, you can create a notebook Read Only, a feature that can also be found in Notes Plus and Notability.


Noteshelf offers a wide variety of paper styles, including notebooks, papers checked, and even different types of paper sheet music. There is even a baseball scorecard, which is something that will not be found in other application notes.

This may seem trivial, but the emoticon is a feature that cannot be found in other notes application. As in other applications, you can import photos from the camera roll on your iPad or take a photo and then resize the note.

Noteshelf have handwriting mode, but unlike the Notes Plus, which uses palm pad to prevent you from making unwanted input when writing, Noteshelf features a palm-rejection. This mode prevents your hand from making unwanted page if you are resting your wrist. However, the movement of multitasking in iOS 5 can cause problems for the application note, but the note app will bring up a pop up window to alert us to this problem. Unfortunately, we cannot disable multitasking movement of the application itself.
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