How to Make a Hot Pad From a Rubber Jar Gasket

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    • 1). Remove the small round tab that sticks out from the edge of the gasket on one side. Use a sturdy pair of scissors to cut it off.

    • 2). Use a G size crochet hook to double crochet around the rubber ring 60 times or until the the ring is completely covered. Repeat with all the rings.

    • 3). Crochet a chain of 93 stitches. Double crochet in the 4th chain from the hook. Double crochet in all the remaining chains and break off the yarn.

    • 4). Lay the rings on a table in a circle. Overlap them slightly on top of each other. Place the last one under the first one to complete the circle.

    • 5). Use your hands to weave the crocheted chain that you made in between the rings. Place the chain on top of the first ring, then underneath the second ring, then on top of the third ring, and under the forth ring. Repeat with each ring to interlock them, ending where you began. Sew the two ends together with a needle and thread. Use a thread color that matches the yarn.

    • 6). Make the edging by inserting your crochet hook in any place on the outer edge of the hot plate. Chain three stitches. Double crochet in each one of the next 16 stitches. Double crochet two rings together and continue to double crochet the next 16 stitches. Continue all the way around the outside of the hot plate to make the edging. Slip stitch into the chain and cut the extra yarn off with scissors.

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