5 Fantastic Health Benefits of Cabbage

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The health benefits of cabbage go a long way to enhancing the health of human and animal alike.
It's believed by some that cabbage has few equals when it comes to healing power.
As you can see already, cabbage is wonderful.
There are many health benefits of cabbage, but those that follow are five of the best.
Prevent cancer, specifically colon cancer.
These days, most people are aware that fruits and vegetable have the power to prevent cancer.
When it comes to cabbage, the high fiber content contributes to good digestive health.
This means regular trips to the loo and a healthy colon.
Large studies have also found that consumption of cabbage correlates to fewer instances of colon cancer.
Slow aging.
Cabbage is loaded with vitamin C and beta-carotene (comes from vitamin A), which makes one of the health benefits of cabbage a resistance to aging.
If you'd rather look younger for longer (which is practically everyone), find a way to consume more cabbage.
Lower serum cholesterol.
The combination of good and bad cholesterol in your body is known as serum cholesterol.
Whenever it's at a high level, you are understandably at a higher risk of heart-related disease.
Luckily, doctors believe another of the health benefits of cabbage is its ability to lower serum cholesterol.
Relieve muscle soreness.
This is one for you gym-junkies.
All those sore muscles after a heavy workout can be relieved with cabbage.
It does this by giving you a good supply of lactic acid which disinfects the colon and energizes you.
Boost energy.
As the vitamin B is assimilated by your body, you will receive a natural hit of energy.
It's time to get more done and enjoy life like there's no tomorrow.
Cabbage is super-powerful, and can be likened to a warehouse of nutrients.
It has the ability to do a world of good for your body.
You can eat cabbage, whether in salads and soups; however an easier way is with juicing.
Cabbage goes great with apple and spinach, and juicing is a great way to experience the health benefits of cabbage in concentrated form.
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