How to Tell If My Ex Wants Me Back

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You have noticed that your ex has been calling you and wanting to spend time with you.
You have also noticed that he or she even flirts with you.
And you have noticed it happens almost all the time.
Now the question that you have found yourself wonder is: Does my ex wants me back? How can I tell if my ex really wants me back? And the thought of this has made you become very hopeful and scared at the same time.
Yes these are definite signs that your ex wants you back but you must proceed with caution.
Though your ex might want you back, it is not in your best interest to just roll over and get back together.
Your best move is to allow it to play itself out.
Just keep things at the same pace as they were.
It is most natural that the fact that you have not been "needy" and desperate to get back with him or her that has spurred this new desire to get back with you.
During a period of break up and it does matter who called it quits, once the cooling off period has passed, then he or she will miss you and think that there might be a possibility where they might want to rekindle what you had.
And chances are if you are thinking that you want your ex back, he or she might be thinking the same thing too.
But before you go out and start getting his and hers tattoos remember that you are still not sure what is the intention of your ex.
Your ex might just want to pass the time with you because he has not found anyone yet.
Or your ex might be trying to get back with you as a revenge for some perceived wrong.
Even worst, your ex might be confused and just playing out his or her confusion and take advantage of your feelings.
So it is in your best interest to proceed with caution until your ex lets you know what are his or her intentions.
Do not force the relationship back but rather let it naturally go in the direction that it will.
Either you and your ex will get back together or you won't.
But remember that you are not sure and it's better to protect your feelings rather than expose yourself and have hurt and regret.
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